DATA 360

Optimise your performance through data analysis

A single Dashboard to analyze them all

Collect, Centralize and Valorize data from your digital solutions to measure your performance and analyze your users' journey.

Data360 is open to all data sources, whether they come from Interway Group technologies or third-party solutions.

Easy to access, our unified Dashboard allows each of your users to answer their current questions by selecting widgets.

Measure your performance

Analyzing performance often involves analyzing sales.

We offer you the possibility to complete your vision, to have several prisms to measure your performance. For example, attendance, time spent, satisfaction of your users are interesting performance indicators that we make easily exploitable.

Because a "flat" analysis is limited and not very meaningful, our integrated comparison engine allows you to easily compare the performance of one site against another or one period against another.

Study the behavior of your visitors

Your visitor generates data, nominative or anonymous, from his passage near your site to his purchases, including his interactions with your tools and solutions.

Our multi-source widgets allow you to understand your visitors' behavior in the blink of an eye

  • Acquisition or loyalty of your visitors
  • Profiles of your visitors (gender, age)
  • Single-site (proximity) or multi-site (linked to your brand) visitors
  • Time spent on your site (or by areas of your site)

Activate your data

Use customer data to contact them:

  • Convert your visitors into customers
  • Re-engage customers you haven't seen for too long
  • Reward your most loyal customers, based on their overall journey and not just your sales
  • Solicit the opinions of your new or historical users for a particular site or your brand

Use anonymous behavioral data to trigger informed actions:

  • Work on your customer acquisitions via our qualified and contextualized Drive To Store solution
  • Validate the advantages of a technological or spatial redesign

And above all, study the impact of all your actions (or those of your competitors) via the evolution of indicators!

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