Join a group at the cutting edge of technology and constantly looking for new talents!

Groupe Interway is an independent company co-founded 27 years ago by the 3 current directors of the company. They manage the business on a daily basis and are there by our side every day. Knowledgeable about new technologies, they have found the right position in a competitive market to ensure the constant growth of the company.

In 28 years, the company has grown from 3 employees to around 680 today!
This great success is also the fruit of the commitment of all our employees, we are all committed to meeting the needs of our customers. Professionalism, adaptability and a spirit of innovation characterize the group.

Enthusiasm, expertise, sharing are the values that are at the center of our everyday actions. We work hand in hand to improve our services, to think about innovative offers, to find solutions that simplify everyone's work.

A company on a human scale, Interway allows development, versatility, change. In short, nothing is set in stone!
If you are looking for movement, a flexible working environment… our job offers will please you!


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The Interway company acts on a daily basis for a policy of respect for diversity and for well-being at work:

  • Equal opportunities: development of diversity in our teams and commitment against all forms of discrimination
  • Development of the integration of young people into the world of work through internships and work-study programs
  • Promotion of our professions to female audiences.

Interway scores 74/100 on the Gender Equality Index

Score obtained for each of the 5 indicators that make up the index:

  • Pay gap between women and men: 38/40
  • Difference in the rate of increase between women and men: 10/20
  • Promotion rate gap between women and men: 15/15
  • Percentage of women increased upon return from maternity leave: NC
  • Number of women in the 10 highest earners: 0/10

The company is committed to a CSR policy. Conviviality and work-life balance: suggestion boxes, teleworking, etc. we are committed to creating and maintaining a friendly working climate, conducive to exchanges and promoting the reconciliation of professional and personal lives.

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