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Mastery & Expertise

The best wireless solution

Interway selects the best WiFi solutions and equipment for you on the basis of a benchmark and continuous R&D test. The WiFi hotspots that we offer integrate the following advanced features:

Antennas optimized in real time

Our WiFi terminals constantly adapt the antenna configurations to optimize the connection of each equipment: radio speed and range.

Dynamic channel selection

A dynamic channel selection algorithm constantly analyzes all the available WiFi channels to guarantee the use of channels offering the optimum quality of service. Up to 60% of additional quality compared to conventional channel selection techniques such as “Background Scanning” or spectral analysis.

Advanced traffic management

Our engine guarantees optimal quality of service (QoS) for your sensitive applications (VoIP, video, etc.). Based on patented technology, it offers a set of unique capabilities such as packet inspection, traffic classification, advanced queuing and scheduling.

Network security

We have several secure connection modes for your users:

  • Self-enrollment portal
  • Dynamic DPSK (Dynamic Pre-Shared Key) Combines security and simplicity by assigning a revocable WiFi key to each user

Mesh technology

Our solution allows you to create enterprise-class mesh networks without requiring the wired connection of all WiFi terminals. Our WiFi terminals communicate with each other to transmit information and optimize the WiFi infrastructure.


Interway guarantees you the best solution adapted to your needs and constraints by selecting the best equipment from its wide range of access points.

Indoor / Outdoor
High density

We guarantee performance and network coverage wherever it is necessary for your activities, including in complex environments:
warehouses, car parks, shopping centers, hospitals, ...


Offer your employees the possibility to use connected professional tools from anywhere and to move around the company without interruption.


Our WiFi terminals have an IoT gateway on board, which allows you to manage all of your connected objects in a centralized and secure manner.
Control all possible scenarios and automation centrally to optimize safety, energy performance and productivity.

Mastery and Expertise

WiFi expert & global partner

WiFi networks
Connections per day
Years of experience
Call centers


Analysis of precise and rich data on the use made of the professional WiFi network:

  • User activities
  • Traffic report
  • Applications used
  • Operational report
  • Inventory


Offer of services and outsourcing to guarantee you an end-to-end quality service from the study of your project to its maintenance in operational condition on a daily basis.

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