Remparts label

Groupe Interway obtains the REMPARTS label!

The Interway group was the first payment service provider to be awarded the REMPARTS label. Safety is an essential element in this technological field. The REMPARTS label allows the Interway group to demonstrate its ability to be a major and recognized player in the electronic payment field.

(Reinforcement And Control on CB Acceptance Park - Resilience, Transparency & Security)

The CB interest group has set up a process to strengthen the monitoring of CB Acceptance Systems in the field (REMPARTS by CB® program), which aims to:

  • Identify and empower all CB Acceptance stakeholders
  • Strengthen security around Acceptance products and businesses
  • Improve the reactivity of the CB system in the event of fraud

Which actors are concerned?

• The builders
• CB Acceptance service providers

Since when has this LABEL been in place?

Applicable from January 1, 2016

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The activities concerned and labeled for the Interway Group 

  • Integration of CB Acceptance Systems
  • Preparation and installation of CB Acceptance Systems
  • Operation of CB Acceptance Systems (remote parameterization, remote collection)
  • Maintenance of CB Acceptance Systems
  • Storage of CB Acceptance Systems and associated logistics activities
  • Distribution of CB Acceptance Systems

Maintenance over time of the Labeling

The REMPARTS certificate has a duration of 3 years, it is up to the professional to be audited and certified again at the end of these 3 years, in order to renew his REMPARTS Labeling.

What interests to be labeled? 

  • Guarantee of security for traders
  • The REMPARTS Labeling is enhanced within the framework of the CB Acceptor Contract, through a recourse clause recommended to a Professional "Labeled REMPARTS"
  • Mandatory labeling to be able to respond to certain calls for tenders
  • Guarantor of terminal life cycles. In the event of fraud on an Acceptance System deployed and having passed its end of life date, CB reserves the right to suspend the associated Acceptor contract, depending on the extent of the fraud and the credibility of the plan. action presented by the Acceptor (in connection with its Acquirer or its third-party service provider if the Acceptor is not the owner of the Acceptance System).

CB Approval Life Cycle of an Acceptance System

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