Challenge Walk & Smile

Walking challenge for the benefit of the association sourire à la vie

In 2022, after several difficult months, COVID changed our lifestyles and professional and personal organisations. Interway, aware of the constraints that this has generated in the daily life of its teams, has decided in 2022 to bring a new breath of fresh air and special attention to the well-being of the company's actors, by mobilizing around a new, original, and differentiating challenge, based on flexibility and autonomy, aiming to release motivation, team spirit and the taste for effort...

An individual and collective challenge, but also a charitable one, as the very meaning of this action and its main objective, was to cover as many kilometres as possible in 100 days of effort in order to raise funds for the "Sourire à la Vie" association to help children in the fight against cancer...
16 employees represented Interway, these 8 women and 8 men who took part in the "WALK & SMILE 2022" adventure have carried the colours, values and fundamentals of our company far and wide, BRAVO...

The ''WALK & SMILE 2022'' walking challenge has just ended...
Thanks to the motivation of this INTERWAY TEAM, the daily support of "Coach" Christian Plaziat, the energy and the tremendous dynamic of solidarity and generosity of everyone, the INTERWAY TEAM achieved the feat in 100 days of effort of covering 19,790 kms by walking, running and even cycling to raise the exceptional sum of 4,947 €.


Thanks to the TEAM of actors of this challenge: Anne-Charlotte R. / Clara P. / Claudine V. / Fouzia C. / Jennifer B. / Laëtitia G. / Laëtitia R. / Samantha S. / Davy E. / Fabrice M. / Hilario C. / Nicolas M. / Patrice R. / Patrick E. / Pascal P. / Pierre L. / and the Coach Christian Plaziat




19 790 Kms



4 947 €

The association "Sourire à la vie

A daily presence in the hospital rooms
Sourire à la Vie supports children with cancer by offering a complete sports programme, educational and creative games, and respite time to allow parents to take a break. The programme starts as soon as the child is diagnosed in the hospital room and continues throughout the child's life, encouraging his or her development and allowing him or her to remain active.

Preparing and accompanying the child through the trials of the disease
Just as a top athlete must prepare for the Olympic Games to be as strong and relaxed as possible and at full disposal of all his or her resources, the sick child has everything to gain from being prepared for the tests that mark out his or her therapeutic journey.
To achieve this, the Sourire à la Vie team will follow the child throughout the year thanks to a global support system like that of top-level athletes. The structure works with great sportsmen and women, such as Camille Lacourt, who contribute their time and skills to constantly enrich the approach.

"I created the Pass' Sport-Santé-Vitalité
to meet the collective challenges and objectives of tomorrow...

You are organising a special event within your company and would like to give it a positive message, a representation, a different impact, which should enhance your know-how, strengthen the collective dynamic or highlight the skills of your teams! You wish to unite all your employees around your values, to reinforce team spirit, team cohesion, to nurture new ambitions, to develop and share a collective vision turned towards the future.
I will accompany this event by sharing with you the strong and fundamental values of high-level sport, by comparing the challenges and stages of individual and collective performance at the heart of the company with my experience as a champion, entrepreneur, and expert

Sport & Health are now often associated in the business world with CSR / QWL issues, they must enable a positive and sustainable response to the needs of those involved.
Even if there are still many obstacles, taking into account the "Fitness" of employees in the broadest sense of the term should offer new perspectives for taking into account the conditions of Well-Being of employees in their daily work to free up collective performance, by developing an original and differentiated approach, based on flexibility and autonomy, aiming to free up motivation, team spirit and to develop a taste for effort
Benefits & advantages that should enable each employee, a company player, on the ground, to foster social ties, improve the quality of life at work and develop a positive team spirit around a common ambition, strong Christian Plaziat and shared collectively...

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