SD-WAN: The network that adapts to your uses and guarantees access to your applications

The digitization of businesses, the rise of cloud and SaaS solutions, the increase in multidirectional communications are generating new needs.
WAN infrastructures, and networks in general, must support and accompany these developments. Yesterday's networks do not meet current and future uses.
Interway, affiliate Interway Group, supports you in setting up your network SD-WAN from conception to management.

The advantages of the SD-WAN Interway solution



Aggregation of several links:
Multi-operator links: Bouygues, Orange, Telsat, SFR, OVH

Multitechnological links: ADSL, Fiber, SDSL, 4G / 5G, MPLS

Each site has the best links available now and in the future

Reduced or non-existent link commitment periods

Hybrid: MPLS is considered one of the available links. The MPLS can be kept, reduced or deleted site by site according to your commitments and your choices.



Central control of the WAN

SLA management at the application level, as close as possible to the needs of your users (employee, customer)

Control of bandwidth costs. The increase in link speeds according to site availability at no extra cost.



Total visibility of all flows

  • Technical: network health, resource use, security
  • Users: use of business applications or not

Real-time evaluation of user experience to adapt the network to uses, or even anticipate needs

Mastery of "shadow it": give the tools to the IT department to detect and control unreferenced uses.

Granularity of rights: The customer has full visibility of the actions carried out and chooses his level of involvement in the management of SDWAN network sounds.



Rapid deployment of a new site or use:

  • Automated deployment of business rules
  • Zero touch provisioning

Migration of apps without constraint On-premise to SAAS

Hybrid: the link is only a connectivity medium. The best routes available in real time are used to link users to their applications wherever they are.



Integration of the security service in the SD-WAN box

Management from the unified central platform

Encrypted flows on all links

For each application: possibility of using on-board security or a third-party solution, whether on-premise or in SAAS

Guarantee of the availability of applications thanks to multi-operator and multi-technological links (no more operator breakdowns or copper / fiber breakage)



SD-WAN Interway integrates innovative AI and Machine Learning modules:

  • A digital companion allows you to interact with the SD-WAN platform in natural language, for even easier use.
  • Continuous weak signal analysis detects unusual behavior and issues an alert to help diagnose the cause.
  • Over time, your SD-WAN data is analyzed to automatically optimize and adapt your network to precisely match your own needs.


Interway combines its LAN and WiFi expertise with WAN to offer a unified global network solution, customized according to customer needs, and centrally managed.

Via our unified offer, manage end-to-end security, the interconnection of your sites and the connection in a global way, and accelerate the deployment of new sites and new services.

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